Would I? Could I? should I?


Indecision is something we all struggle with from time to time. This is why we sometimes feel stuck. We are trying to decide on the best option or direction. Indecision can result from a lack of information or research, but it is most often the result of the fear of […] Read more »

The Root is the Issue


Over the years, I’ve met with hundreds of people in counseling sessions. I learned that if we could get to the root of the issue and deal with it, then the fruit or symptoms people were dealing with would be solved. Sounds simple right? The problem is that the root […] Read more »

Spring Forward – It’s Time!


This weekend will be the time that we set our clocks ahead one hour. A common memory tool is the phrase, “Spring Forward”. One year ago this week, my wife and I did exactly that. We made a significant decision to resign from our position as Senior Pastor in northwest […] Read more »

Are We Full of Useless Information?


Some years ago, my son Timothy returned home from a friends house and offered this interesting comment: “Dad, Mr.(friends father) is chock full of useless information.” I remember laughing out loud at the statement. From my son’s perspective, his friends dad knew things that did not benefit him other than […] Read more »

The Resolution Solution pt. 3

The Resolution Solution pt3_Fotor

The first two steps in the Resolution Solution are Awareness of the need for change and Acceptance of our responsibility for that change. The first initiates the process and the second leads to our involvement in the process. The third step is Action. This is where it gets real. If […] Read more »