How Do You Deal with Loss?

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Loss is a subject that we rarely talk about, but it is a reality in everyone’s life. Regardless of status, income or location, everyone will experience loss. Let me be more clear. I am not talking about your team losing last weekend kind of loss, but rather the kind of […] Read more »

Memorial Stones


Transition can be challenging. There are obstacles to overcome, opposition to face, and lessons to be learned. One of the keys to thriving in transition is to regularly place memorial stones along the way. A memorial stone is a reminder of what has occurred, in order to be encouraged going […] Read more »

Help Us Make A Difference!

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Debra and I are very excited about this season in our lives. After more than thirty years of pastoral service, we are building Bill Leckie Ministries. In our first full year, we ministered 17 times in 10 different churches, wrote one book and started another that should release in early […] Read more »

Traveling Light


When I was about twelve years old, my family took a trip from Shreveport, Louisiana to Folsom, California to visit my grandparents. No, they were not inmates of Folsom prison, but they did live in that city. It was the first trip of this type we had ever made. It […] Read more »

A Pilgrim’s Process

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The great illusion about life is that we simply arrive at stages of success. We know that there are failures and mistakes, but we focus on the moments that we define as having arrived. What we forget or choose not to know, is that often our definition of success is […] Read more »

You Might be doing it Wrong

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Have you ever been convinced that something doesn’t work only to discover that you were doing it wrong? I drive a 2002 Ford F-150 crew cab. It has 187,000 miles on it and they are all mine. For 12 years this has been my vehicle and I know where everything […] Read more »

Don’t take that Leap!


We’ve all heard the old expression that something is going to require a “leap of faith”, but is there really such a thing? We are instructed to walk by faith, but are we ever supposed to leap? Does God put chasms in our path and ask us to make a […] Read more »