Fan Based Church


I enjoy football.  If there is a game on t.v. regardless of the teams, I’ll watch it. Of course there are teams that I follow and identify with, but I enjoy the game of football. Over the years I have learned to appreciate the game as a whole. It wasn’t […] Read more »

Big News!

Bill and Deb bw

We are excited to announce that Bill Leckie Ministries is now affiliated with Modern Day Missions. ( This is a way for us to partner with an organization that supports Missions and Ministries across the world, as well as offer the means for people who wish to donate to Bill […] Read more »

The Power of Gratefulness

The Power of Gratefulness_Fotor

Today I wanted share a message I preached a while back on the Power of Gratefulness based on Luke 17:11-19. This is the story of the ten lepers that encountered Jesus. This is not just another Thanksgiving Holiday message. I hope you are encouraged as you listen! Click here for […] Read more »

3 Resources for You to Check Out

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In this Video, I share 3 resources for you check out. Two new Worship Albums that I am presently enjoying and an plug for my new book coming soon! Below are the links to the itunes store for the Worship albums from Chris Latimer and Darrell Evans. Read more »

Stretching is for Increase

Illustrationof film stretch

Click here for audio version:Stretching is for Increase Some years ago a friend of mine shared a word he felt was from the Lord with me. The word was basically that I was going to be stretched almost to the point of breaking and that I would stretch the organization […] Read more »

Fame vs Faithfulness


 Click here for audio version: Fame vs Faithfulness Icebergs are not particularly interesting to me. If not for the incident of the Titanic’s demise as the result of one, I doubt that many of us would give them a passing thought. However, that one incident has made them somewhat famous. […] Read more »

Update on the new eBook


Editing on the eBook is underway. The working title is, “A Crisis of Culture”. This project has had my focus for the majority of the Summer and I am excited to be almost done. This is my first eBook and it has been a great journey. I hope to begin […] Read more »

Unloading Stress


Click here for the audio version: Unloading Stress There are days that I feel a bit overwhelmed with my circumstances or the circumstances of those around me that I care about. When this happens I remember the scripture that tells me to be anxious about nothing and pray about everything.(Phil.4:6-7) […] Read more »