What Was I Thinking


Have you ever looked back on a recent decision you’ve made only to ask yourself, “What was I thinking?” I know that I have. Like the time I decided to jump out of the vehicle at a stop sign to jump in the front seat of the vehicle in front […] Read more »

Excess Baggage


Recently my wife and I put our home on the market. This immediately brought about several revelations. First, we have to move when the house sells. Second, we have to pack what we move when the house sells and third, we have too much stuff whether the house sells or […] Read more »

Embracing Change


Today is a day of embracing change. This is different than deciding to change or even initiating the process of change. We often mistake these steps as being synonymous with embracing. They are both important, but they can only be effective if I choose to actually embrace the change itself. […] Read more »

The Blank Page


Click here for audio version: The Blank Page This is one of those days. You know, the kind of day that insight is needed, answers must be found and solutions discovered. You ponder and think and focus with great energy and zeal. You go to your special place that always […] Read more »