Simple Solutions

Photo May 30, 11 23 12 AM

Click here for audio version: Simple Solutions Living in a new house means getting used to some new sounds. Pipes that clatter, cracking and popping sounds as the house responds to the heating and cooling of the day etc. This morning we heard what sounded like a security alarm going […] Read more »

Choosing on Purpose

Photo May 08, 11 36 17 AM

Click here for audio version: Choosing on Purpose Choice may be the greatest catalyst for change there is. Change is something that can occur slowly over time, such as weight loss through exercise and diet, or it can be forced upon us by circumstances or events. Change can also happen […] Read more »

The Simple Secret to Success


Click here for audio version: The Simple Secret to Success I know a lot of successful people. Some of them have money and large churches or organizations, but not many. Most of the successful people I know are just considered average at best by society at large and unfortunately by […] Read more »

Update on the Leckie’s move to Texas


What a busy couple of weeks. We’ve successfully relocated to North Ft. Worth and thanks to my bro. Johnny, his wife Leona and son Michael, we have unloaded everything and began the process of unpacking and settling in to our new home. We have begun exploring the area to locate […] Read more »