Embracing Change

Today is a day of embracing change. This is different than deciding to change or even initiating the process of change. We often mistake these steps as being synonymous with embracing. They are both important, but they can only be effective if I choose to actually embrace the change itself. How do you tell the difference you ask? The difference is found in our perspective and attitude in the process. Are we being dragged kicking and screaming like a toddler whose will has been crossed, or are we expectant and hopeful as we purposefully step into the process. Embracing change is more than resignation to a fact regarding something I have no choice in.

The word embrace, for me, implies at least three things: attraction, affection, and acceptance. In order to embrace change I must be attracted to it. In other words, it offers appealing prospects for me. I recognize the opportunity it presents whether it be for personal growth, increased influence, better health spiritually or physically or both.This attraction leads to affection. I actually begin to feel good about it. It becomes something I value for my future, which then leads me to acceptance. It is now a part of me. We are joined in this mission to achieve what God saw when He formed and fashioned me. I embrace the process which now releases hope and excitement of what can be rather than despair or disappointment over what has been.

You may be thinking, “easy for you to say, Bill.” Actually, it has gotten easier over these thirty-three years of ministry full of challenge and change. With each season of change I have learned to see the attractiveness of it, feel an affection for what it will produce and choose to accept it as “good” as I trust the loving plan of God for me. I am learning to embrace the change. I pull it close and allow it to do its work.

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