Excess Baggage

Recently my wife and I put our home on the market. This immediately brought about several revelations. First, we have to move when the house sells. Second, we have to pack what we move when the house sells and third, we have too much stuff whether the house sells or not! As elementary as these things sound, they have forced us to reevaluate what we truly need going forward. We aren’t Hoarders by any stretch, but like everyone else we have collected things that we no longer need for this journey.

It is interesting to me that when Jesus sent out His disciples for the first time, He pointed out what they were not to take with them.(Luke 10:1-4) This is like telling your family, “We’re going on a trip, let’s unpack!” It seems that Jesus doesn’t want us to carry around excess baggage that will wear us out and threaten to ruin the trip. The truth is we all have some excess baggage that we keep lugging around. It just goes with us from one season to another in life. It’s no wonder we are exhausted, worn out and often ready to give up on the journey.


When I was a kid my family went on a trip from Shreveport, Louisiana to California to visit my grandparents. a trip of about 2,000 miles. My mom, never having made such a journey with 4 kids a husband and her mother, proceeded to pack everything we owned. My brothers and I rode for 3 days in our car with our feet on suit cases piled in the floor of the backseat. Upon our arrival at our destination, we stayed for a full week and opened one or two suit cases. My mom then uttered the most profound words I’ve ever heard. “We didn’t need everything we brought on this trip!” It may seem obvious now, but had we known that before we left, the trip would have been much more enjoyable.

Here are three lessons I have learned from the experiences I’ve mentioned. 1) I don’t Need everything I brought with me for this trip. 2) I can Trust God to provide what I need as I go. 3) I can Enjoy the trip if I lose the excess baggage. The writer of Hebrews tells us that excess baggage is not only the sin that trips us up, but also the unnecessary weights that hinder us in the race.(Hebrews 12:1-2).

Life is a Journey. Let’s unpack! Let’s lose the excess baggage and trust God to provide what we need so that we can enjoy the trip!

My Personal Unpacking Guide:

If I can’t remember when I used it last, it has to go.
If I don’t remember what it does, it has to go.
If leaving it behind makes me hesitant to keep moving, it has to go.
If keeping it hinders me from being excited about the journey, it has to go.

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