Spring Forward – It’s Time!

watch_FotorThis weekend will be the time that we set our clocks ahead one hour. A common memory tool is the phrase, “Spring Forward”. One year ago this week, my wife and I did exactly that. We made a significant decision to resign from our position as Senior Pastor in northwest Arkansas and launched Bill Leckie Ministries. “Launched”, may be too strong a word, but we definitely left the familiar waters and began to move forward on the vision we had in our hearts to serve pastors and local churches through preaching, teaching, consulting and investing our gifts into their success. This was not a decision that we made quickly or flippantly. It was difficult to leave friends and family and a home that we loved, but we knew it was time. It has been a year of firsts. I have been stretched, challenged and encouraged in this process, but at least I made the decision to start. (In case you do not know, I will turn 53 this summer. Not the usual time to “start” something new.) I have written my first book and am a third of the way finished with my second. I’ve even managed to write over 40 blogs on this site. Those who know me and my attention span issue are marveling at this fact. I can hear them uttering, “the day of miracles is not past!” Seriously though, we have broken new ground here and are building upon it. It has also been a time of learning the difference between pastoring a  congregation and traveling to serve many churches. We are learning the ropes and finding our place. We still have much to learn and there are some hills yet to climb, but we know that God is faithful. I look back on the past year and am encouraged by the faithfulness of God to provide and lead us in this journey. We are grateful to everyone who has prayed for and supported us and hope that you will continue to do so.

If there is something in your heart that you know is from the Lord, then I want to encourage you to “Spring Forward!” Your decision may not be as drastic as ours, but it is every bit as important. It may be as simple and profound as choosing to believe that there is something  God has in mind for you. You may be in the midst of doing what I’ve described and for you it may be the decision to keep moving forward towards the goal. Whatever it is, Spring Forward – It’s time!

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