The Blank Page [revisited]

A new year is a natural time to ponder the possibilities of making a new start. It is a time of resolutions and gym memberships. However, there are times that thinking about a new year or a fresh start can cause us to draw a blank. Several years ago I began a new season and I needed clarity and answers on how to proceed. Maybe some of you are in that place right now at the beginning of a new year. Below is the first blog I wrote as I began my journey into uncharted waters. I hope it encourages you as it has me.

the-blank-page“This is one of those days. You know, the kind of day that insight is needed, answers must be found and solutions discovered. You ponder and think and focus with great energy and zeal. You go to your special place that always enhances your thought processes. You put on the music that normally allows you to zero in on your creative powers and be a productive problem solver. Yes, that kind of day when you do all of the above and yet for all of your efforts you are left with what you started with, a blank page. This is simultaneously humorous and maddening. You question your abilities, blame your surroundings, cry out in frustration and still, there it is mocking you and your puny efforts…or is it? Maybe this is the very answer you are seeking. Perhaps, the blank page is not mocking you at all. Perhaps it is inviting you to receive its gracious invitation to drink in the profound opportunity that lies before you on this blank page. It is full of possibilities, untouched by others, open to whatever someone is brave enough to write upon it. Who will step forward and seize the glorious blank page? Isn’t this what you’ve longed for? Isn’t this your answer? Stop rejecting the amazing opportunity of the blank page. Put down your arguments, lay aside your insecurities, pick up your pen and write the next chapter in your story. The blank page is not a wall, it is a doorway to the next season of your life!” [January 31, 2013]

Since this post in 2013 I have relocated geographically, written three books and spoken to thousands. It is amazing what happens when we dare to view the blank page as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. I encourage you to be bold and brave as you write the next chapter of your life. I know I am!

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