The Resolution Solution pt. 2

The Resolution Solution pt2_FotorChances are that resolutions have been made, announced and abandoned already this year. This is the cycle of the failure to experience real change, that our culture encounters every new year. As Christians, we have the solution to break this cycle and we can experience success in the process of lasting change. Step one is Awareness. This initiates the process of change. This is not a random selection of things to change, but rather it is a revelation of what needs to be changed that comes from time in prayer and listening to God’s voice. This connects our need to change with the eternal rather than the temporary and enables us to envision how this change will help us to more fully realize the purposes of God in our lives.

Step two is Acceptance. This is where we commit to our involvement in the process of change. It is easy to substitute the process of thinking about change for actual change. We can dream of a different life and never have one. This is where we can move from a God given dream to a self induced fantasy. We can also fall into the trap of blaming others for our present condition. This is a dead end. Period. Projecting blame is the enemy of change. It is the opposite of acceptance. We do not need to take responsibility for what others have done, but we must own our part in the need for change. When we accept our need to change in a given area, because we know it will allow us to more fully experience the purposes of God, it will release a passion to see it through. It becomes valuable and viable to us. True acceptance is necessary to move from revelation to transformation. When we accept that the change is necessary and that it is our responsibility to become involved in the process, we will invest our resources into it. We will bring our resources to the table and we will trust God to bring His. This process began in His presence and must proceed in His presence!

As Christians, we have access to resources beyond our own skills and abilities. When we are willing to accept the responsibility for change, it releases provision for change to occur. If we deny our role and blame others, we block provision for change. Acceptance is when we move beyond the thoughts of “what would it be like?”, if we change and becomes a, ” I must do something about that “, moment. It leads to investment and involvement which releases provision and passion.

What things have you become aware of that need to change in your life? Are you willing to accept your responsibility for the change? If so, believe that God is with you in the process. He will release provision for what He has initiated and He will be involved throughout the process. Awareness and Acceptance will put you well on your way to the Resolution Solution, but one step remains. Stay tuned!

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