The Resolution Solution pt. 3

The Resolution Solution pt3_FotorThe first two steps in the Resolution Solution are Awareness of the need for change and Acceptance of our responsibility for that change. The first initiates the process and the second leads to our involvement in the process. The third step is Action. This is where it gets real. If we do not move from awareness and acceptance to action, we remain stuck in the same old cycle. Some enjoy the analysis of an issue, but without action, there is no change. The decision to act sets a process in motion. Once we decide to act we will meet obstacles and opposition from within and without. Insecurities may arise from within and discouraging voices may arise from without. There will always be those who think you are incapable of the change you desire. As Christians we know that the enemy will oppose any attempt for us to embrace the purposes of God for our lives. Opposition is normal. It is designed to discourage or distract us or both. They are equally effective. These are the tactics of the enemy and once we are aware of his tactics we can defeat them.

We tend to want a fast change without challenges. We all want the instant fix, but more times than not, our choice to act leads to a process of change. Most of us didn’t get into financial difficulty overnight or simply awaken one morning to discover that we are suddenly overweight. It will be necessary to engage in a process that leads to change. We may struggle at first, but it is important to focus on progress.  When we commit to the process, we allow God to move in our situation and move us through the process of change more rapidly and with greater success than we could achieve on our own. It is the value of the vision as it relates to our ability to fulfill the purposes of God that will sustain us through the process. It is not enough to initiate a plan for a process. We must implement it.

Some years ago, my wife and I became aware of the importance of getting out of debt. We saw it as an important step to be able to fulfill the purposes of God for our lives going forward. We accepted our responsibility for our debt situation, repented and chose to act. We began the process of attacking our debt with the decision to stop making new debt. As we committed to paying off the debt, we embraced a process that included budgeting and reducing unnecessary spending wherever we could. A few months into the process we received some unexpected funds. This was our first test. How would we spend this unexpected financial blessing? we chose to see it as God providing for our need to address debt. We tithed on it and put it towards debt. A few months later, we received a larger amount of unexpected funds from an unexpected source. Again the test was whether we would reward ourselves and become distracted from the goal or see it as God providing for us to succeed in getting out of debt. We tithed on it and put it on debt. This happened several more times and one and a half years later we were completely out of debt. As we committed to act, God released provision. He blessed our efforts and enabled us to change our financial habits. A few years later we felt a strong leading to change our location and launch a new ministry, which we have done. It is important to note, however, that we could not have done it, had we not become aware of the need to change our financial situation, accepted our responsibility for it and made the decision to act on it. This resulted in change that opened the door for greater influence and stepping into a greater measure of fulfilling the purposes of God for our lives. This process continues in other areas of our lives to this day.

Looking to the Lord for Awareness of our need to change followed by Acceptance of our responsibility for the change and choosing to Act on it in obedience with dependance on the Lord for His help and provision is the Resolution Solution.What is the Lord drawing your attention to this year? What areas of your life is He making you aware of that need change? Will you allow your awareness to lead to acceptance and action? He will meet you in the process and cause you to experience progress until what began as revelation leads to transformation and ultimately to a manifestation of lasting change!

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