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editing_FotorEditing on the eBook is underway. The working title is, “A Crisis of Culture”. This project has had my focus for the majority of the Summer and I am excited to be almost done. This is my first eBook and it has been a great journey. I hope to begin giving information on how folks can secure a copy of the book by the end of the month of August with a release date set for this Fall, but it may happen sooner. I am so grateful for all the people that have encouraged me to begin writing. Below is the preface for the book to give you a taste of what is to come.

At the time of this writing, I live in Fort Worth, Texas and have entered into a new season of ministry. Writing is something that many people have encouraged me to do, but I wasn’t sure that I was capable of doing. I feel confident as a speaker and preacher because that is what I have primarily done for over 30 years. Writing, however, takes me out of my comfort zones and challenges my attention span. I have tried to avoid being preachy, but as my wife, kids and close friends can attest, I think and communicate in outlines and points. I have tried to communicate in this small book, in a conversational way, what the process of my own spiritual journey has looked like and to invite the reader to join me in the discovery of the way Jesus lived and interacted with the people around Him.

When I began thinking about what to write, I decided to start with the three words that describe my core values. The phrase, “A Crisis of Culture”, was a phrase used by a dear friend from the UK to describe some recent dealings in her own heart related to church. We began to discuss the events and as I struggled to put words to the crisis I was having she uttered the words, “a crisis of culture”. That is exactly what it was. I was having a crisis of culture. Not just any culture, but specifically the church culture. I chose this subject for my first book because out of crisis came clarity. Clarity regarding how I was to live and interact with others based on the Gospels.

My purpose in writing this book is not to complain or whine about the church. I do not want to suggest a new church structure or church growth method. I love the church and have given my life to serving the people of the church. On the contrary, It is my hope that the reader of these pages will look inward to discover if their role in the church reflects the Gospel example of Jesus or not. It is very personal. Throughout the pages you will find me referring to my struggles and my issues. The situations and events I describe are the catalysts for my internal change.

If you read this book and decide to reread the Gospels again with fresh eyes, then I have succeeded.

Stay tuned to this site as well as the various social media pages to receive updates on the release date of the eBook, A Crisis of Culture.

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